Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jakarta to Build 2,000 High Rise Apartments

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta
5 August, 2009

The Jakarta Provincial Government is targeting the construction of 2,000 high rise apartments this year.

“They will be located at seven places,” said Agus Soebardono, head of the Jakarta Regional Housing Office, yesterday (4/8).

To date, the government has built 10,000 apartments at 13 high rise blocks, such as Elok in East Jakarta, Tipar Cakung in Marunda, and Pegadungan in Pulogebang.

Agus acknowledged some weaknesses as regards the management of high-rise apartment blocks.

“We are trying to fulfill users’ needs. For example, we have asked the potable water utility company, PAM, to distribute water to high-rise apartments,” he said.

“But because of PAM's capacity is limited, we also have asked permission from the City Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) so we are allowed to use ground water,” he said.

Agus went on to say he expected that water facilities would be all fulfilled within one year.