Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blok M, where is your beauty

Location : Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta
Owner : PT. Pakuwon Sentosa Abadi

The South Jakarta Administration is continuing its effort to manage the area especially Blok M after curbing Melawai area. It is aimed to turn back Blok M area function as shopping center and gain the Jakarta economy.

One of the ways is implementing Blok M beautify program. “The project is based on or thinking how to return Blok M area as modern shopping and culinary center,” Anas Effendi, South Jakarta Mayor Deputy told, Saturday (1/24). The program has been sent to South Jakarta Mayor on Friday (1/23).

The beautify program is also making Blok M as open pedestrian concept to increase people interaction, integrated management with participative concept, and creating comfort nuance for the visitors.

The administration will manage 13.8 ha out of Blok M width by 37.74 ha. Each Blok M road will be managed based on its usage such as on Jl Melawi I, the administration has plan to build main gate, visitor interaction center, sport facilities, and art and culture facilities. “We’ll build interactive park or plaza,” Effendi added.

Moreover, Betawi culinary center and full pedestrian will be placed on Jl Melawai III, Jl Melawai IV will has pedestrian lane, parking lot, and local goods trade in international scale, Jl Melawi V becomes accessories center and international restaurant, Jl Melawai VII is made as entertainment and Asian restaurant center, and business and banking center focused on Jl Melawai IX. Early morning cake marker will also be placed in Blok M.

The South Jakarta administration is sending the plan to South Jakarta Office of Planning and City Development to realize the project. The physic development could be started on 2010.

The administration is also stated that the beautify program will not run good if illegal parking is not curbed.