Sunday, January 1, 2006

The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna: A house for young executives

Kurniawan Hari
The Jakarta Post

"Honey, wake up...wake up!" said Neta, trying to rouse her husband Andi from sleep one morning. Andi only opened his eyes and asked Neta, "What time is it?"

Upon hearing that it was 8:00 a.m., Andi lazily woke up, drank a glass of water and put on sneakers.

"There is still time for me to go jogging. Meanwhile, you can prepare breakfast. There is no need for me to hurry, because we now live in the city's downtown," he told Neta, whom then prepared "Corn Flakes Mixed with Fruit Salad" and "Smoked Beef with Sweet Corn Salad" for breakfast.

The filmed-conversation between Andi and Neta played during a media gathering tries to portray how a couple can enjoy their togetherness in crowded Jakarta. They can spend more time together because they live in the 18th Residence Taman Rasuna on Jl. Rasuna Said, South Jakarta.

The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna was officially launched on May 19, 2005. It was designed to meet the needs of young professional executives with high mobility.

Having two towers, the apartment will stand on 6,000 square meters of land in the "golden triangle" area of Kuningan, South Jakarta. Each tower will have 375 apartments.

It is close to Jakarta's business district of Mega Kuningan, the embassy district, and plush hotels.

The construction project, scheduled to start in August, will be carried out by PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama (BSU) -- a subsidiary of PT Bakrie Land Development.

Ferry S. Supandji, vice president for marketing and business development of BSU, revealed that the total investment in the construction project is Rp 240 billion (about US$25 million).

The two towers -- north and south -- will have a total of 750 apartments. About 25 percent of the south tower apartments have been sold.

The price ranges from Rp 250 million to Rp 500 million, and range in size from 38 square meters to 73 square meters.

Residents of the 18th Residence Taman Rasuna will enjoy many facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, children's playground, mini market, laundry, cafe and restaurant.

The residence has a modern concept with functional rooms and natural air circulation.

There will be 12 apartments on each floor. Residents wishing to expand their apartments in the future will be allowed to do so,however, the management will only allows expansion to a maximum of six units.

The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna is located in the complex of the Taman Rasuna Apartments, which was built in 1996 on 18,000 square meters of land.

Residents of the 18th Residence Taman Rasuna -- like Andi -- can wake up at 8:00 a.m. or later, but still have to struggle to reach the office on time.

The apartment, located in the city's downtown, may offer facilities and close proximity to business centers, but Jakarta traffic will remain a challenge for its residents.