Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Regatta

Developer : Dharmala Intiland
Website :
Architect: ATKINS
Height : 10 towers, 24 storey each, providing a total of 920 apartments

This project will comprises three phases, the first phase is due for completion in November 2008 (Dubai, Monte Carlo, Miami and Rio de Janeiro Tower). The second phase, to be commenced straight after (Tokyo, Acapulco and Sydney) and a 2.4 hectare Aqua Park. The final phase - tops the project off with three more apartment towers (London, New York and Shanghai) as well as a five-star hotel and serviced apartments.

The hotel features a ballroom for 1,000 guests, a state of the art health, spa and well-being centre, and 4 restaurants including a 2,000 sq m sky lobby and dining experience located 148 metres above ground level.

Pic Source : Architectional Beta

Pic Source : The Regatta