Sunday, January 1, 2006

A tranquil and plush life at Da Vinci Penthouse

Kurniawan Hari
The Jakarta Post

Have you ever wanted to live in the heart of the city but hesitated, imagining nothing but dingy little apartments on offer.

Would you jump at the chance if a serviced apartment with elegant furniture and neoclassical decorations was available for rent?

If that sounds like your idea of luxury, you should see for yourself Da Vinci Penthouse on Jl. Sudirman Kav.12., the only apartment building that faces the city's busiest street. But, be warned, there are only 28 apartments available for rent.

The apartments that occupy most of the 34-story Da Vinci Tower are a world away from the city below.

If it's silence you seek, you will be happy to hear that from morning until night not a sound can be heard from outside the apartment.

"The windows are triple glazed to reduce the noise from outside," said Da Vinci Penthouse general manager Anto W. Soemartono in a recent interview.

All 28 apartments are fully furnished with Da Vinci furniture, such as the Thomasville, Henredon, Vidal Grau and Capelletti collections.

Upon entering the building most visitors are struck by its luxurious interior. The lobby floor is marble, while the ceiling is decorated with carvings and hung with classical lamps. And, as you will find out for yourself, this is just the start -- it's luxury all the way up to floor 34.

A small library is located in front of the fully decorated lift that takes residents to their apartments.

Stepping out of the lift, you will face a huge decorated door. In the wall on the right side is a hidden compartment for shoes, or perhaps for golf clubs.

The decorated door, which was made by four different companies, is worth Rp 70 million. The foyer is furnished with many beautiful pieces, including a Rp 12.9-million lamp, a chair worth Rp 3.5 million and a mirror that would cost Rp 1.8 million were you to search for it in a shop.

Each apartment has one main bedroom and three smaller ones, all of which have en suites.

A shower capsule has been installed in each bathroom. The capsule is equipped with a digital device that enables one to listen to FM radio or answer the phone while showering. An automatic massage device is also available in the capsule.

Each bedroom has its own balcony, giving residents a great view of Jakarta.

There is also an air-conditioned room for a domestic helper.

Each apartment has three kitchens: the first is for cooking; the second, for washing vegetables; and the third for washing dishes.

Residents can also access the tennis court on the 11th floor, the swimming pool on the 10th, and the gym, jacuzzi, and sauna on the 9th floor.

Anto said the apartment's management could provide help for any resident who wanted to organize a dinner or barbecue with friends.

"We can even help them get airplane tickets, or a bodyguard if they should want one," he said.

Da Vinci Penthouse apartments cost between US$12,000 to $15,000 per month to rent (In comparison, one night in a five-star hotel's penthouse here costs between $4,000 and $5,000).

The rate depends on the size of the apartment, which range from 350 square meters to 380 sq m.

Catherien Nayoan, Da Vinci Penthouse's sales and marketing manager, is quick to deny that the apartments are too expensive as the target market is people accustomed to a certain standard of living who appreciate the arts.

"If you were to calculate the total value of the furnishings and home appliances, you would find the rent is not expensive," she said.

Since the opening of Da Vinci Penthouse on Feb. 22, three families are living in the apartments.

If you are interested in viewing the apartments, it would be advisable to make an appointment first.

Da Vinci Tower

The 34-story tower is 117 meters tall. The first to 12th floors are Da Vinci's showroom and the apartments are located from the 13th floor up.